After many back-and-forth brainstorm sessions, Emily agreed that “Bright Business Consulting” with the tagline “Creative Solutions for Positive Growth” would represent her new company perfectly. I got to work on logo options, and after multiple rounds, the “burst” or “firework” logo was the winner! Emily loved how it felt modern and professional, yet gave her company a unique and eye-catching look while capturing her optimistic personality. 
One of the best parts about it, is that the “B” can be used all by itself as an icon on certain materials so people will understand they are still viewing her brand materials without seeing the entire name written out.
Mid-Process Digital Sketching and Color Palettes
Final Business Stationery & Brochure
On top of the logo and style guide, I created a repeat-pattern utilizing the triangles from the logo, as well as a brochure with custom icons to highlight Emily’s services.
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